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  • I’m Sally and I adore the art of videography. I think that the moving image captures moments and people at their most natural. I love music too and when my visuals are paired with the right sounds, I believe this heightens the viewing experience and re-triggers those emotions felt on the day.

    Let me capture the essence of your wedding and put your favourite songs over the top. In the future every time you hear your songs you will be instantly taken back to that day and re-live those special moments. I specialise in unobtrusive videography and can create for you a short wedding film that you will watch back in years to come and not feel like you were staged or behaving in an awkward way. I aim to blend into the background and not be imposing.

    I will not overly direct you because I want to capture natural un-forced footage; I want you to pretend I’m not there and carry on as normal just being you. Your wedding day will go so fast and having me there to document the whole day, your friends and family, the venue and all the details you’ve planned so meticulously, means that you will not miss a thing. I film in a documentary style – no big cranes/drones, it’s just me and a couple of DSLR cameras.

    I’m an emotional being and nothing gives me more pleasure than witnessing two people so obviously in love on their wedding day. I find myself immersed in the most moving day with, let’s be honest, strangers. But even though I barely know the couple and their guests, I still get teary eyed during the speeches, I still get excited when I see the bride for the first time and I still wish I could get on the floor at the end of the first dance (If only I wasn’t too busy filming it!).

    Please get in touch so we can discuss how I can create an emotive everlasting memory of your most special day.

    A selection of my previous work can be viewed here

    **Please note that all of my images are stills taken from previous wedding videos**

    I would also love to video your Hen Party – please click here

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